Friday, June 14, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 2, produce

Second week of our produce CSA from Kretschmann's. Mark picked it up and hid what he knew would be my favorite at the bottom of the bag. STRAWBERRIES!

When you live in western Pennsylvania, you cherish the spring and early summer's ability to perk you up after a long and cold winter. Nothing perks me up for the summer more than June berries. None of those huge, tasteless California monstrosities for me - these tiny sweet red globes are the berries of my childhood. I remember sitting and watching a movie while cutting off the tops with my family after we returned from my grandma's house. I don't know how anyone can buy the plastic carton berries from the grocery store when they've tasted one of these.

When they have flats available soon, we'll be getting a ton so we can freeze them and can some jam! I obviously have a thing for strawberries. (And was too giddy to even focus the camera, apparently.)

But I'm pretty excited about the rest of the share too. Lots of fixings for salad, including pea shoots, which are a delicious, sweet addition to a salad that we discovered during our first year as CSA members. So many things you find out are edible that you never would have considered! A flower still attached!

Also exciting is the first large head of lettuce - it's gorgeous.

Tonight we finished off the spinach from last week in an easy garlic and olive oil saute. We made quick work of all the greens from last week in salads, but we had to compost the chard since it had turned before we had a chance to use it. The rhubarb was delicious in a galette that Mark whipped up. Radishes made it on salads, the basil on sandwiches, and the bread made delicious toast all week. So far so good!

On Monday I'll show you what we got in our meat share from Clarion River Organics. Let's just say our chest freezer is bursting!


  1. Wow. I get my CSA from them, too. And I didn't get any strawberries! So jealous. :)

    1. Which day do you pick up? I think he said they were just starting to be picked, so I would be you'll get some this week! I know the shares vary from day to day - I have friends who pick up on a different day and theirs are slightly different.