Friday, November 8, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 23, produce

We're winding down with the CSA for this season. I have been thinking back over the 23 weeks we've had so far and realized that we've done so much better this year with drastically reducing any waste. We're learning how to plan meals to keep up with the ups and downs of the season. It's almost like a rhythm that we're learning to follow and anticipate. Even 23 weeks in, we have a new item this week!

We've had cabbage and beets this season, but not frequently. I'm thinking haluski or cabbage rolls, which ironically I never liked as a child but love now.

Radishes, greens and carrots will accompany the salad greens. Might actually try to do something with the beets, even though I haven't found a recipe yet that I've actually liked. 

New this year, turnips!

We've been enjoying the greens from the turnips, but now we have the real thing. I've seen multiple ways to prepare these, similar to potatoes - scalloped  mashed, gratined. Now just to pick one!

More apples this week. These might need to be made into a dessert - perhaps a galette?

When I reached in the bag, I grabbed this pepper and nearly put my fingers through the soft spots, so this will make a great treat for the chickens tomorrow!

We also had some hitchhikers this week. I put away all the produce and found these guys hanging out on the island.

Live bugs (and those that scurry like mad!) mean the produce is really fresh, so I never mind finding them. At least before I use the veggies!

Last week is likely the final week of our spring/summer/fall share. That means it's almost time for our new winter share! We're never short of produce at Next Gen House - that's for sure.

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