Friday, January 24, 2014

Real Life CSA: winter share 4

More variety in our fourth share this week, as well as some regular favorites.

Lettuce and microgreens will supplement our salads this week, like usual. I know I'm a vegetable geek, but lettuce looks so cool in its spiral.

This Ivory lace cheese from Hidden Hills Dairy is supposed to be a havarti-style cheese good for sandwiches. We'll never say no to cheese.

The banana fingerling potatoes are adorably petite and will make a great side of some sort. 

I will likely do some baking this weekend with the fuji apples, since we still have some braeburn apples from the last share for snacking. I've been enjoying making muffins or scones from the King Arthur Whole Grains baking book, so I will probably dig up a recipe there.

Each year we can tomatoes, and we use them sparingly since they are the equivalent of gold when it comes to pantry items. So getting an extra jar of home canned tomatoes is pretty awesome.

Also exciting is tomatillo salsa - we ate it on tacos last night and it was delicious. We both love tomatillos but rarely buy them because they are expensive in the grocery store and hard to find at a lot of the farmers markets we go to. So this is a treat!

Getting canned goods like these makes me even more anxious for garden season to come around. This winter weather doesn't help, either!

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