Thursday, August 14, 2014

Real Life CSA: week 18

Another haul this week, with some of my favorites - and nature's sugar everywhere.

We're holding our own right now, keeping up with the produce coming in and trying to incorporate it into as many meals as possible, and preserve it when necessary. 

It's easy to get frustrated when you're dealing with an onslaught of produce, but I try to remind myself that it won't be too long before the ground is frozen and I'm both grateful for the time spent canning and longing for the spring to come again.

I love getting garlic and onions in the CSA, since they always taste so good and store well. Though to be honest, they don't last long in our house anyway because we cook so much and they are staple ingredients in most dishes.

This watermelon and the nectarines will just be eaten straight up. Typically in the summers I like to make things with fruit - like berry muffins and stone fruit crisps and jams. But this year, I've just wanted to eat it plain. I don't want to mask the flavors with extra sugar and grains. 

I'm thinking maybe a bolognese sauce of some type with the celery this time. I've been wanting some hearty red sauce for pasta and bolognese is one of my favorites. I saw parsley and thought I'll use up some previous weeks' red potatoes and do a standard boiled parsley potatoes side dish.

This kohlrabi looks awesome, and I love the colors and shapes. I get a kick out of the endless variety of nature, if you hadn't noticed. I think Kohlrabi would also be an awesome band name. Someone get on that. As for these two, I think we'll likely roast them.

Cucumbers will probably go on salads - we've certainly seen enough of them around our house this year. Same goes for green beans. I'm on green bean overload at the moment, but hopefully these will stay fine for a few more days so I can develop a desire to eat them again. 

Last but not least are these sun gold tomatoes, which I lovingly refer to as crack. I impulse bought them at my last Penn's Corner Farm Stand pickup, and am excited to get this pint. (Plus I ordered two more from the farm stand. Gotta feed the habit.) They are so sweet - they taste like candy. I eat them like candy, too. Makes me realize how much more fulfilling it is to satisfy a sweet tooth with nature's sugar instead of a candy bar. 

What's in your CSA this week? What are you cooking? Do tell!

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