Friday, March 21, 2014

Real Life CSA: winter share 8

This is our next to the last share for the winter. Which is only awesome in that it means spring is coming. Spring!

I am camera-less at the moment, waiting for my new body to arrive. (Nice part of having a DSLR is that you can replace just the body when it dies instead of the lenses too. Bad part? $$$ Allow me to complain for a bit that things don't last as long as they did "back in the day." You'd think a $500 camera would last for more than 2 years.) So that's why there's a phone photo of the stash this week that is less than stellar. Onward!

This share illustrates nicely one of the cool parts about a CSA. In the dead of winter, there's often a lack of fresh produce beyond what can be stored long-term, like the apples, carrots and garlic you see above. (The lettuce is grown hydroponically, so is fresh but not a traditional outdoor crop.) So it's nice that the CSA plans for that by diversifying what you receive when fresh vegetables and fruits are not bountiful - cheese, eggs, pasta and canned or dry goods are awesome additions.

We've liked all of the Penns Corner canned goods we've had so far. That tomatillo salsa is particularly flavorful, and it's nice because I rarely get my hands on enough tomatillos to make my own salsa from them. The fresh pastas are great - we throw them in the freezer when we receive the bag and they still taste fresh when we cook them.

I have never even heard of Bauernhof cheese, so I'm sure that will be an interesting adventure. Which illustrates yet another benefit of CSAs - that you try things you would never pick up in the store, not knowing what they are. I can also take honey off my shopping list for the week, now that I have some to use in my homemade granola.

Can't wait to see what's in the final share!

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    Maybe try it in paninis?