Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Real Life CSA dinner: swiss chard tacos

I mentioned in last week's Real Life CSA post that I was thinking of making Rick Bayless' swiss chard tacos for dinner this week. I finally did - and got to use not only swiss chard from our garden, but the last of the CSA chard as well as the fresh garlic.

You could also use kale, collards or chard - or any green, really. I used chard because we had a lot, and it's my favorite.

This fresh garlic was great. I have never cooked with fresh garden garlic that hasn't been cured. It was actually easier to peel and work with than the cured stuff. I hope this comes up again in the CSA!

One of the parts of these tacos is a simple hot sauce, made by blistering cherry tomatoes in a dry skillet and then blending them in a food processor with some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. I added an extra pepper, and hoo boy, was it spicy. We have some leftover, which will make a tasty hot sauce for other dishes as well. Also, observation: my stovetop REALLY needs to be cleaned.

Before you cook the chard, you cook down the garlic, onions and some red pepper flakes.

Once you add the chard, it reduces pretty quickly. I add greens in batches when I need to cook a lot, so it's easier to stir. I also kept the stems in because they are delicious and not at all chewy.

This filling, plus some hot sauce, some feta cheese (or queso fresco) and a tortilla is a delicious, easy dinner. I will be taking leftovers of it in my lunch over rice - another great way to eat Bayless taco recipes. (Try this zucchini one - it's fabulous.)

Delicious food - probably the best part of a Real Life CSA!

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