Friday, July 12, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 6, produce

This week was a big explosion of diversity in our produce share. Look at this goodness. I could barely fit it in the camera frame.

We already decided to make mint ice cream with the first fresh mint. The basil might go in a homemade pasta salad for my family reunion on Saturday. The lettuce will go in salads. Gotta figure out what type of lettuce these tiny little purple bundles are. Any ideas? Whatever it is, it's lovely.

New potatoes are yummy as well. They have to be stored in the fridge, and they cook quicker than mature potatoes. Our CSA email update told us that they aren't often sold in stores because they turn dark at room temperature and don't store well. So here's a treat you can't get in stores!

Someone at our pick up site didn't want their green onions and fennel, so we ended up with two of each. Not complaining! As soon as I saw this fennel, I thought of a great pasta recipe I have that uses fennel and sausage, which we have from our meat CSA! This fennel is honestly so large it could eat Carnegie. I had to fold the fronds back under the bulbs just to fit it in the frame, but they were easily 2 or 3 feet long!

The email also told us that green beans will appear next week as well as another of my summer favorites - BLUEBERRIES. 

Those of you subscribing to CSAs, what did you find in your share this week?

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