Friday, July 26, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 8, produce

More new veggies this week! We're starting to have a stockpile at home, so this week's meals will be heavy in the vegetable department. (Also, the cast iron wok didn't come in the CSA. I'm just too lazy to clean off my island for the photo.)

Blueberries didn't stand a chance - Mark and I split the pack already. We might combine cucumbers with last week and make refrigerator pickles. We've got basil coming out our ears and have to make a decision about what we'll do with it. Green beans will probably end up as a side dish.

Tomatoes and green onions will end up as salad toppings. The radicchio and lettuce will make for more flavorful salads. I've really been enjoying the variety of salad greens we get each week. The salads are so flavorful. I feel sorry for people who eat salads with just iceberg lettuce. Blech.

In our weekly email from the farm, we got a recipe to use up some of our fennel, which we'll do this week. These fronds are so crazy.

Might take the opportunity with the eggplant to find a new recipe. I am particular about the way I eat eggplant because I find it's often bitter or tough in preparation. And I don't like a giant slab of it breaded on spaghetti. So I need to get creative.

That's the great thing about CSAs. They force you to get creative with what you're eating and discover new things!

This weekend we'll be going upstate to take advantage of the bounty of produce in my grandparents' garden. Beans galore, ready for picking (and perhaps canning?) as well as various other veggies (and possibly raspberries...).


  1. Would you eat eggplant in Moussaka?

    It's Roger's favorite Greek food!

  2. I should also add that we usually eat Moussaka with beef instead of lamb.

  3. I got stuff this week to make a sesame stir fry with eggplant, but I'm sure we'll keep getting more from the CSA, so I'm definitely going to try moussaka next! Thanks for the link.