Thursday, June 12, 2014

Real Life CSA: week 9

Awash in greens this week - even the salsa is green! 

We had a big storm yesterday and the evening was full of activity and errands, so forgive the fact that everything's in bags in this photo. You get the basic idea. 

Happy to have the tomatillo salsa again, since we actually just finished another jar of it recently. I'm thinking of doing some kind of pickle with the watermelon radish, whether it's a salad on its own or a topping for something else. Radishes are not disliked at Next Gen House - but they're not really frequent flyers, so I have to stop and think about how to use them when we get them.

Green onions and a few kinds of lettuce, which we happily eat up every week in salads. During transport, I broke a hole in the bag of bibb lettuce, which meant muddy water on the kitchen floor - thus the Ziploc bag came to the rescue. 

Collard greens will also be a fun side to make this week. I love greens - chard and spinach are my favorites - but collards are good too. (I prefer them to kale, hands down. Does that make me a bad foodie?) Perhaps some type of soul food preparation is in order this weekend.

Happy to see more beans from Weatherbury. Honestly I didn't think I'd ever seen a turtle bean before, so I opened the bag and found these little guys. Might need to make some crock pot refried beans for the freezer this weekend. Either that or we're going to need to build a bigger pantry!

Don't forget to be checking out your local farmers markets, especially if you live in western PA. It's berry time and you cannot beat local strawberries this time of year!

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