Friday, August 16, 2013

Real Life CSA: meat, month 3

We're on our third month of our meat CSA with Clarion River Organics and our freezer is officially full! Thankfully some of the items we got this month won't last long.

Let's start with our chickens - two roasters and one stewing chicken. (That's water on the island, not chicken goo. No worries.)

The beef share has some interesting additions this month. Four pounds of ground beef, beef liver, beef cubes for stew, flank steak and round steak. When I pulled it out of the box I was a little taken aback by the dark color of the liver. I can't recall ever having beef liver before, so this should be a new experience for me!

The pork share didn't disappoint either. Two packages of sweet Italian sausage, plus a gorgeous BONELESS HAM and some PORK SPARE RIBS. Capitals for emphasis, obviously. I mean, those are our favorite uses for pork, next to bacon of course. 

Also, we are traveling this weekend and will not be able to pick up our produce CSA for week 11, so we opted to donate it to the food pantry. That's a great part of the CSA set-up - they never let things go to waste!

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