Friday, August 9, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 10, produce

Ever have one of those weeks where you spend 10 stressful hours at work every day with 2 hours in the car commuting and you're so frazzled that when you get home you are barely able to form complete sentences let alone try to formulate thoughts to write? That's been this week for me. I should be able to fit in a few Borg regeneration cycles this weekend and hopefully be back in full next week, but for now, here's a bright spot - the CSA!

The most exciting thing to discover was the rhubarb. The season is over, so either they had it stored for a great late summer surprise, or it's a miracle. Either way, I am thrilled.

The cukes will probably join those from our garden in more refrigerator pickles - maybe this time bread and butter. Lettuce and tomato in salads and sandwiches.

Eggplant will make it into moussaka or perhaps a ratatouille bake with couscous that my friend makes that's always a hit.

Potatoes will probably be a side (Mark made some great parmesan mashed ones this week) and the onions will be an ingredient in any given recipe.

Also exciting is that our garden is starting to produce, finally. Our kitchen island is getting filled with cukes and peppers. I just love the Boothby's Blonde cukes, and they are all the more sweet because of how Mark saved the plants from the cucumber beetles (by winning the war of attrition and physically removing them from the plants each morning).

Best from our garden this week, though, were these amazing dragon beans. They are beautiful in color (and hello, have DRAGON in the name) and we have enough to actually make a side and not just a few hanging out randomly. This is pretty exciting, since last year the dragon beans didn't really take off.

So tell me. What are you getting in your CSAs? In your own garden?

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