Friday, August 30, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 13, produce

We're at the halfway point of our CSA season now, reaching the peak weeks of the tomato explosion. Some new things this week - I'm never bored with the shares. The variety keeps it interesting.

This is the last lettuce for awhile, according to our weekly email, since there was a lull in mid-summer plantings. I will definitely enjoy it this week! The jalapeno pepper joins about 12,000 others, since our own plant was quite prolific this year. I need to figure out what to do with them so we don't lose them before it's salsa time.

I love the moment where you realize you waited all winter long for a really good, ripe tomato and now you have so many they are taking over your kitchen island. The cherry tomatoes will probably go on salad, as will some of the other tomatoes. As for the rest? Who knows!

It's nice to see a winter squash - and acorn squash is one of the best. Though I told Mark we have to just call it a fall squash because I can't deal with the idea of winter right now.

These apples are a variety called Prima - excited to try them. Perhaps a galette is in order?

Already ate up these nectarines this morning for breakfast - one of them was wounded in the journey from farm to our house, so before the spot took over, I devoured them. Remember that bruised fruit is NOT rotten fruit. Just cut out the soft spots and enjoy before the bruise turns into something worse. Often fruit gets bruised because someone drops it when picking it or it just falls from the tree on its own. These are called seconds - they are often cheaper than firsts because they are a little blemished, but it can be a great way to get more fruit for your money. Particularly if you plan on eating them right away!

It's amazing the amount of food that's thrown away in this country that was wasted simply because it didn't "look right." You should certainly throw away food that's moldy, soured, stinking or rotting (or compost it!). But don't you dare throw away a bruised peach - I'll show up at your house to rescue it! Do you know how precious a truly ripe peach is? I think you do.

Have a fantastic Labor Day weekend! Get out to a farmers market and get yourself some tomatoes and some stone fruit (nectarines, peaches, etc.) - they are perfect right now. 

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