Thursday, April 17, 2014

Real Life CSA: week 1

I can't believe we're already back to the beginning of a regular CSA share. We chose the Farmers Friend option from Penn's Corner, so we have 32 weeks of goodness coming up. Each week, I'll let you know what we got in our share and a general idea of what we're going to do with it. You can find these posts under the label 'CSA' on the right side of the blog.

On to week 1! This week looks a lot like the last winter share. That's because CSAs are cyclical and seasonal, so you don't jump to tomatoes and peppers just because you've started the "regular share." So April and early May will probably still have the stuff that stores well over the winter, until it slowly phases out for what's growing now.

Looking at this photo again, I'm struck by how I didn't really do a great job transporting the lettuce home, because it looks a little crumpled. But that delicious lettuce will make it into our salads, regardless of its level of crumple.

Half of the red potatoes are already gone, since Mark immediately grilled some up for our dinner last night. Delish. Potatoes with grill marks are amazing.

We got a great variety of cheese over the winter and we've not been going through it super fast, so we are going to incorporate some of these into our meal plan more often. Our cheese drawer is ridiculously full!

Apples will likely be snacks and pre-half marathon fuel this weekend. Watermelon radishes, not sure. I saw an interesting recipe for an avocado salad that uses them which might be good.

One of my favorite things about the Penn's Corner CSA is the value-added products like their salsas. I think it's a great way to get value out of what they have in excess and it adds value fo rme because I don't have to can a full batch of something. We make our own salsa in the late summer, but tomatillo salsa is not something I'm going to likely can, because I rarely have enough access to tomatillos. So this is a delicious extra treat. 

Did you know you can buy this stuff at the East End Food Co-Op now? Yeah. Do it.

When does your CSA start? What are you looking forward to?

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