Friday, April 25, 2014

Real Life CSA: week 2

Pretty standard share this week, full of staples that are easy to use, including a few favorites.

Also, this is probably crystal clear, but these photos aren't even remotely styled. I basically try to arrange everything we get within the frame so it's visible, but I don't bother de-cluttering my kitchen and setting up special lights. (Or apparently moving my purse or TV remotes or a panini press out of the background.) Why? Because this is Real Life CSA. This is what the stuff looks like, sitting on my kitchen island on the actual day I bring it home. And I enjoy the mushrooms just as much whether the photography is Pinterest worthy or not.

On to the share!

I'm feeling a baking burst coming on, so I think I might make biscuits with the chives this weekend. Potatoes will be a side - Mark often parboils them and then grills them up. I've been wanting to make twice baked potatoes for awhile, and the extra chives might come in handy for those too. 

I just love this honey, and it's so good in my granola. We use a lot of honey in this house, as a sweetener and baking ingredient. I'm telling you, if you've only ever had cheap honey from a bear and a vague source, try local honey. We have lots of options for it in this area, and it's particularly awesome because of how like raw milk, it reflects the changing of the seasons and doesn't always taste exactly the same. Really subtle differences that you won't get eating honey from China (plus the assurance that it's actually honey and not a bunch of unknown, unregulated fake chemicals).

Apple cider will be frozen for later, and the dilly beans in the pantry since we still have the last jar we got. (Sometimes a stockpile is good - you have enough to feed multiple people as a side!) Lettuce is used in our mix for our weekly salad night, which we never get sick of.

Another staple that we just love are mushrooms - particularly from Wild Purveyors. (Their store in Lawrenceville has artisan cheese, pastured meats and foraged items like mushrooms.) I love that they are part of this CSA, because the mushrooms are just delicious. We use them in pasta dishes and Mark uses them in breakfast egg preparations, but we both love them sauteed with onions on top of a burger. 

While I don't have the time to blog about every dish I make with items from the CSA, I will likely start posting some quick, not very styled pics on Instagram (@nextgenhouse) under the hashtag #reallifeCSA. Might give you some ideas for your own CSA! Follow me on Twitter and Facebook too, while you're at it!  

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