Thursday, April 3, 2014

Real Life CSA: winter share 9

Our final winter share from Penns Corner is full of pantry goodies as well as an extra treat from Wild Purveyors - mushrooms!

It always amazes me how farms/CSA groups can manage during a winter share to still give you something new in each share, even if you have repetitions during the season. It keeps that element of mystery that I love about subscribing to a CSA - you never really know what you're going to get! (At least until they send the email hipping you to that week's share!)

It's curious that I put the mushrooms and Schof Kase cheese together in the photo, because it occurs to me we'll likely eat these in tandem. I'm seeing a mushroom cream pasta in my future. And since the Schof Kase (sheep's milk cheese!) appears to be similar to a parmesan, I'm thinking it would be good in that dish. 

Potatoes and lettuce will be used up in the course of the week, like usual. (Who doesn't like potatoes? They are in a close running with pasta for my favorite food.)

We're just finishing our last jar of farmers market salsa, so this one probably won't last very long. I also might consolidate our syrups into one large mason jar to conserve space, since we have a few little ones. That and eat more pancakes, right?

The apple cider will go in the freezer, since we're still drinking the last one. And the tomatoes will join the others in the pantry, though they are in heavy rotation. (We eat a lot of homemade penne alla vodka in this house.)

The onion greens are pretty exciting. I actually think this is the first time we've ever had them from any CSA. Their positioning in this photo is giving me an idea - baked potato bar!

Also really excited about these peppers, because we like spicy foods in this house (the number of hot pepper seedlings we have going is also an indicator). Nacho bar? I'm sensing a theme here.  

So that's it for the winter share. Overall? Couldn't be happier with the variety and quality of produce and products we've had. Makes me crazy excited for the weather to keep getting better and spring to fully arrive. Our full share for the year will start in just a few weeks, so look for more Real Life CSA posts when that begins!

And if you're not signed up for a CSA, do it! Read this post on why a CSA in the first place, and then visit some of these local groups to see if what they offer is a good fit for your family. You won't be disappointed!

Penns Corner Farm Alliance
Clarion River Organics
Edible Earth Farm

Edible Allegheny/PASA 2014 CSA Guide

If you're not from the western Pennsylvania region, check out Local Harvest to see what's available near you.

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