Monday, September 9, 2013

finding recipes for clean eating

I'm often asked where I get recipes to support the way I eat, especially easy meals that fit into a busy lifestyle. The following are some cookbooks and sites I use to make healthy meals from whole, clean foods.

America's Test Kitchen's cookbooks and its Cooks Illustrated magazine and website are my primary go-to locations for recipes. While some of their recipes are more time consuming to make, with heavier prep, they are reliable and tasty. They also take care in their light and healthy recipes to not rely heavily on "diet" foods like fat free cheese (gag) and fake sugars, etc. Here are my favorites:

Links are to Amazon where applicable for convenience's sake, but I'm not an affiliate and receive no compensation for clicks.

The following are some other blogs that I watch for new recipes. I will also note that not every single recipe on these sites would fall under my own guidelines for what I would eat, but generally they are a good guide. (I try to stay away from food blogs where the author is regularly paid or perked by food companies to shill their product and make a recipe around it.)

I also use other tools like Fooducate, which has a blog and an app. Using the app, you can scan products in the store to see their nutritional content and ingredient list demystified - a great way to see past the health claims on the box. 

Finally, I am a great lover of print publications, so I also enjoy these magazines (and their online sites). You can buy these at the check-out at some grocery stores and also at Barnes & Noble, etc. or get a subscription online, which is much cheaper!
Also consider following a lot of these blogs or websites on Twitter - you can get links to new posts as well as links to other sites. It's a great way to keep the new ideas flowing so you don't get bored.

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