Friday, September 27, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 17, produce

The large weeks of the share will soon come to a close as the main growing season winds down, so this was an especially great one for late fall. So many colors!

The peppers and beans add to our existing stash. According to this week's email from the farm, the havasu pepper is a milder hot pepper. Cilantro will probably make it into salsa, and the broccoli will make a nice side.

This chard looks fantastic and vibrant. I adore the colors of chard - particularly the pink and red stems. It's one of the more beautiful vegetables, in my opinion.

Radishes make a good salad topping, as do the carrots. These carrots are really flavorful. I love that they look craggy and aren't uniform like the carrots you get in the grocery store. 

Got a couple fall favorites too - the first butternut squash of the year, plus some apple cider. The cider we get in our CSA is raw, which means it isn't pasteurized, but they do process it with a UV light to kill pathogens. It's a mix of four different types of apples from their orchards - tastes great and freezes well. I need to commit to drinking more hot cider in the fall and winter this year!

Couldn't resist one last gratuitous tomato shot before we don't see them again for months. Trying to enjoy them while they last!

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