Friday, September 20, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 16, produce

The end of the fourth month already and we've got another new fall item peeking in.

We've been eating a lot of apples lately, as they are in season and abundant. I love different varietals of apples - makes you realize not all apples are waxy and hard.

Really excited to see mixed greens this week, since we haven't had them for awhile and they are hands down the best salad greens you will find anywhere.

We're trying to hold the line against tomatoes and finding more and more ways to preserve them. With this week's basil, these will probably be made into tomato sauce and frozen. We are also knee-deep in yellow globe tomatoes from our own garden, which seem to be the only varietal we grew this year that thrived.

Our farm has had a bumper crop of eggplant this year, so we still had more this week (albeit one with a funky nub, which gives it some character). The email from the farm had a few recipes for eggplant, so we might try one of those.

These red peppers look similar, but the large one is sweet and the small one is a Hungarian hot wax, so it will be more spicy.

Probably my favorite part this week is the carnival acorn squash, (1) because I love squash and (2) it just screams fall. Which I am definitely ready for.

Off to the Mother Earth News Fair this weekend, so you can expect a lot of Twitter updates and some recaps next week. Lots to see and do and learn!


  1. I loved mixed greens now....I had finally broken from iceburg to switching between spinach and romaine....and then I went to the farmer's market in Mercer....found a greenhouse with 12 different organic lettuces....that mixture is DELICIOUS!!!! I also get their spinach. Everything is grown in the greenhouse and they have enough interest to keep growing it year round and will deliver!!! So I'll be able to get my mixed lettuces in the middle of winter. I also just got a basket of strawberries from them saturday. LOVE strawberries on my spinach! MMMM....

    I'm glad you guys like eggplant....Ron and I tried it once with one his sister gave us....yuck! Not for us. That'd be a veggie we'd be giving away. :)

  2. What's ironic is that I have always hated eggplant and in some preparations, I still do. It can be horrible and taste like chewing on a car tire. I've found that in preparations like dips or baba ganoush you can taste the good parts and none of the horrible parts. I also like it roasted for a long time until it falls apart.

    I grew up on iceberg lettuce too - and now I can barely stomach the idea of eating a bag of salad mix with iceberg lettuce. That's fantastic that you found a greenhouse that grows all year!!