Friday, September 13, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 15, produce

Lots of end-of-summer staples this week, as well as a few surprises!

Not being big fans of beets in this house, those were immediately set aside to donate to a beet-tolerant friend. Green beans will make it as a side dish, or possibly combined with beans and tomatoes we already have for loubieh.

Check out that bell pepper in the middle. So big, and perfect for stuffing! If only we had a second one of that size.

The potatoes we've had this year have been delicious as a quick side. If you've never tried it before, throw a bit of lemon zest and some parmesan cheese in your mashed potatoes.   

Tomatoes out the wazoo means we might try to can salsa this weekend. We have an abundance of hot peppers from our own garden right now and nothing beats opening up a pint of salsa in the middle of January and having it feel like it came straight from the garden. 

Any extra tomatoes will be made with the basil into freezer tomato sauce. It's Mark's specialty, and he uses Cooks Illustrated's recipe.

Happy to have some corn this week, especially because it works equally well as an ingredient in a larger dish or by itself. The apples will be nice too - we had Kretschmann apples with honey on Rosh Hashanah this year and it was delicious! (The apple and honey are sweet foods that signify a sweet new year.)

As for our garden, we haven't seen the tomato explosion that we really wanted with all the varietals of red tomatoes. But are few are doing okay ripening off the vine, and the yellow globe tomatoes? We're buried in them.

At least the slightly blighted tomatoes don't go to waste - the chickens go nuts for tomatoes. (Probably why one of them made a nest in the patch like a ninja.) They are walking, produce garbage disposals! 

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