Monday, October 14, 2013

Real Life CSA: meat, month 5

I can't believe we've been getting these meat shares for 5 months now. Our freezer can believe it - we're growing a stockpile to get us through the winter. If Mark gets a deer, we're going to have to have a winter cookout!

Very happy for a big beef roast this time around. I love how a house smells after a roast with veggies has slow cooked all day. Also just in time for colder weather, beef bones for soup!

Three roasting chickens this share. One of them was fresh, but we needed to freeze it because of our meal schedule. From this point forward we'll probably be roasting a chicken a week! If you've got good ideas for spice rubs, leave them in the comments. I get bored if it's the same thing every week.

Lots of sausage this week - breakfast sausage for Mark, plus both sweet and hot Italian sausage. I didn't really grow up liking spicy foods, but now? The hotter the better!

Also got a big pork roast, which I'm dreaming of making with apples or squash or some delectable combination of autumn produce. 

October Simplified update: Sold six books already; organized my way through the guest bedroom, bathroom, master bedroom and vestibule. The house gets significantly more cluttered the closer I get to the basement. It's like making your way through a level of Super Mario Brothers and the basement is the big King Koopa at the end... 


  1. Yum! Does the meat CSA get delivered to you? How can I read more about them...maybe we'll do that when we move. Have you bought any other meat during this ground beef, etc??

    1. We actually pick it up at one of their drop-off locations that's convenient for us. Their website is They have different CSA options - I don't know if they'll do a round of the meat CSA again through the winter, etc. But I know a lot of people who do their produce CSA and love it. My mom even did it last year because they have an Erie drop-off!

      The meat CSA has given us ground beef a plenty, so the only things we have bought are very few chicken breasts and some seafood, but that's pretty rare because we're learning to just eat what we have. We mostly eat only the CSA meat and just have to be careful about remembering to take stuff out to thaw. We also were able to supplement this year with the venison from the deer Mark got last year.

      We've found that making our meal list by using the meat we already have as a base is better than saying "oh let's make this recipe" and then having to buy things to fit the recipes.