Friday, October 4, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 18, produce

18 weeks already! I feel like we started this summer's share just a few weeks ago, not a few months! Plenty of staples this week, which is always nice. 

Mixed greens and lettuce will be salad staples, as well as the cherry tomatoes and peppers. Might make a bit of fresh salsa with the tomatoes and hot peppers or we could make lubieh with the green beans and tomatoes. So many options!

This Thai basil smells amazing. The farm email sent some recipes along with it, so maybe we should try one of those this week.

I'm also really happy for more apples. These have been delicious this year - nothing like the giant waxy ones you get in the grocery store. Plus, we have a peeler now, which makes baking with these a cinch. We actually got a big bag of apples from my parents, who picked them from my grandparents' tree, and we peeled and froze them to make into applesauce later or to bake with.

The cauliflower is a cool variety that looks bright, mustard yellow. Small heads, but flavorful! 

I've rediscovered radishes this year - we have been eating them on salad and they add a nice crunch and a little extra bite. (Plus great colors.)

Hoping for more squash next week, as well as more greens and apples!

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