Friday, October 18, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 20, produce

This week's share was the first in months to not include tomatoes, which definitely means we're in to fall now. We got a great assortment this week, though. 

But before I share what we received this week, I have to take time to mention that the bounty that we get each year from our CSA is truly threatened by new rules that the FDA is trying to establish due to the Food Safety Modernization Act. These rules jeopardize small farms and by extension, our economy, environment and health. You can read directly from our produce CSA why this is such an issue for them here.

Often we think that one voice doesn't matter when it comes to our government and that we're too busy to take the time to speak up when it matters. If you've ever enjoyed produce from your CSA or your local farmers markets, this affects you. Take 10 minutes out of your schedule today to read about these rules and how they will directly affect your community. I linked to resources and ways to comment in this post, last week. It's worth it, if for no other reason than to stand up next to farmers and show your support as a consumer. They shouldn't have to fight this battle alone.

With that said, check out what we received this week.

Depending on what we cook this week, I might slice and freeze peppers, since we have an abundance of them right now. Broccoli will make a great side. (We never get tired of broccoli as a side. Just plain steamed in all its own glory. Yes, I just used the word glory in a sentence about broccoli.)

These greens are great and so flavorful. I love the pieces that have tendrils.

These tiny eggplants might find their way into a slow cooker recipe this week. We've been trying to take advantage of the slow cooker more lately, to take some of the time burden off of cooking at home. In fact, a lentil stew with tomatoes is in the crock pot right now!

The apples this year have been amazing. They are crisp and so flavorful, it makes you never want to touch a waxy apple again. If you've ever wondered why these apples have gray spots, it's from the natural clay treatments they get to ward off disease and pests. It's perfectly fine to eat and you don't even taste it. I think it gives them character.

But taking the prize this week for most beautiful produce is definitely the chard. We like to eat this sauteed with garlic, and even after cooking, the colors are so vibrant.

What did you get in your CSA share this week?

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