Friday, October 11, 2013

Real Life CSA: week 19, produce

A little late today. The photo is off-center not because I was trying to be artsy, but because I think I was a little tired after my self defense class. Week 19 features the last of the tomatoes for the year. Going to cherish these!

We're building up a surplus of red peppers, so I might find a good dish to feature those this week. Broccoli and green beans will make great sides, as will the potatoes if we don't just store them for awhile. 

I love carnival squash - I wish we had even more of these! They look decorative, but they are so delicious they don't deserve to sit on a table somewhere.

Really loving their apples this season. I also love that one of the apples still had a leaf attached. When was the last time you saw that in a store?

This cauliflower was a good size, but it's the greens that are enormous. That thing easily took up half of a crisper drawer in the fridge! Perhaps combined with last week's, pureed cauliflower is in order! (Tastes like mashed potatoes but is lower calorie and slightly sweet.)

Have you made any good dishes lately with produce from your CSA?

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